Hand worked tamboured muslin triangular shawl/fichu, with a repeating sprig running along the scalloped border on the two shorter sides, and a repeating flower motif along the top edge.  It has a pretty floral spray in the main corner with some pulled-thread-work delicately done in the main flower head.  Small flowers copying those running along the top edge are scattered over the rest of the shawl.  Knowing that this piece came from the collection of a Dutch collector, I suspect that this piece has a Flemish or Dutch origin.

Condition is very good with a few small holes in the fine muslin.

Early 19th century.

Cream in colour with a few faint marks.  This piece has not been cleaned recently.

Measures approx. 123cm x 57cm (48 1/4" x 22 3/4").


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Whitework Lace Shawl    #WW71