A lovely little picture sampler with dogs, butterflies, birds, crowns, a basket of flowers, shepherdess and dog and a peculiar little bug with antennae.  It is signed HARRIOT, and sadly, it is not dated, but, it is very similarly worked to another picture sampler purchased with it, marked HB and dated 1825, so I would think that this is of a similar or slightly later date, and worked by the same girl.  There was also another, later sampler with the same shepherdess and dog figures and flowering plant motifs, which was worked by someone less skilled.  It may be a grand-daughter copying the same motifs.

Condition is good and sturdy and slightly grubby around the edges.

Pale ecru canvas mostly worked in green, brown, beige, red, blue and cream threads.


Measures approx. 29cm x 14cm (11 1/2" x 5 1/2").


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Regency Picture Sampler   #Sampler05