A large, four verse sampler worked with urns and flowers, birds, crowns and hearts with a lovely worked band near the hem.  The verses are sombre, but beautifully worked.  The red threads are still strong in colour, whilst the pale green are difficult to read.  Worked by Elizabeth Richardson aged 11 in 1804.  Here is what I can make out of the verses below: -

As xx my only wisdom here                                       Weary souls that wander wide

To serve the Lord with filial fear                                From the central point of bliss

With loving gratitude                                                  Turn to set us crucified

Superior sense may I display                                    Fly to those dear wounds of his

By shunning every evil way                                       Sink into the purple flood

And waking make good                                             Rise into the life of God

O may I fall from sin depart                                       Find in Christ the way of peace

A wise and understanding heart                               Peace unspeakable, unknown

Let unto me be given                                                 By his pain he gives you ease

And let me through thy xxxx know                           Life by his expiring groan

To glorify my God below                                           Rise exalted by his fall

And find my way to heaven                                       Find in Christ your all in all

Elizabeth Richardson Her Work Aged 11 Years 1804

Condition - sadly, there are several holes and some stains.  There is also some missing sections of hem where this piece has been folded over when framed. 

Cream linen canvas mostly worked in red, blue, pink, green and brown wool threads.


Measures approx. 48cm x 50cm (19" x 19 3/4") excluding hem.

Price - £125.00

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Verse & Picture Sampler 1804   #Sampler02