Brussels bobbin lace trim in the Point d'Angleterre style.  The piece is made using the part-lace technique, and a design consisting of an undulating swag of tiny blossoms separating small branches of flowers in full-bloom and bud with some snowflake grounds at their centres.  Meticulous work - there is use of some rib-raised work and speckles of decoration within the clothwork.  It has been re-grounded onto two different machine made nets, probably during the mid 19th century.  This has been done quite sympathetically with the more open worked net towards the hem, copying how it would have been originally.

Condition is good; apart from the re-grounding there are few tiny breaks here and there and one join.

Cream in colour with some age marks - I have not laundered this piece.


Measures approx. 192cm x 8cm (75 1/2" x 3 1/8") at its widest points.

Price - £150.00

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Point d’Angleterre Lace Trim  #PtdAng15