A pair of joined Mechlin bobbin lace lappets with scalloped sides, which taper slightly to the rounded ends.  It has a stylized floral design in the centre section bordered with fan-shaped cartouches in a zigzag pattern.   Meticulous work - there is use of openwork with plaited brides in some of the cartouches and a varied selection of fillings including some lovely snowflake grounds.  Museum quality.

Condition is extremely good; a few tiny breaks here and there and some wear to the edges.  There is a join in the centre and also at the tips of the lappet ends, similar to those illustrated in 'The Illustrated Dictionary of Lace' by Judyth L. Gwynne, plate No. 111 page 116.


Ivory in colour.

Measures approx. 112cm x 8.5cm (44" x 3 1/4").

Price - £450.00

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Mechlin Bobbin Lace Lappets   #Mec16