A tilting parasol with a handmade Maltese silk bobbin lace cover over lilac lining with a painted black wooden handle and metal spokes.

Condition is very good - I cannot see any obvious damage apart from some wear to the black paint on the handle.

Parasol and Maltese bobbin lace dates from the late 19th century.  The lilac lining looks fairly recently made.

The lace is black and the lining is lilac coloured.

Measures approx. 72cm (28 1/4") long and the parasol has a diameter of 49cm (19 1/4")  across when open.  The lace measures 67cm (26 3/8") when measured from side to side, over the top.

Price - £115.00

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Maltese Bobbin Lace Parasol   #Malt47