Honiton bobbin lace appliqué bonnet veil. This is an unusual piece; the motifs are quite old and they are made of very fine linen threads. They are good quality with some rib-raised work for emphasis. The motifs appear to have been transferred at some stage from an earlier piece. 

An interesting example for a collector of early Honiton lace or it could be used as a short wedding veil. 

Condition: sadly, a lot of the leadwork filling stitches have perished, but enough remain to identify this as Honiton as opposed to Brussels. There are a few small breaks in the net and a number of well executed repairs - this lace was obviously treasured. 

Motifs are late 18th century, and re-grounded at a later date.

Ivory in colour with some faint age spots.

Measures approx. 118cm x 53cm (46.5" x 21") at its widest points.


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Honiton Bobbin Lace Bonnet Veil    #HonA38