A deep bertha collar formed from small scale Flemish bobbin lace in the candelabra style with a round Flemish ground.  It has been edged with a another piece of Flemish lace with a design of a meandering ribbon, again with the round Flemish ground.  The collar has been backed with a machine made net for strength.  An interesting example for the collector of early lace.

Condition is fairly good for its age; there are a couple of areas where the  seams joining the lace have come unstitched, and there are quite a number of breaks in the mesh which are difficult to spot because of the backing.

Late 17th / early 18th century Flemish lace; the collar as it is now was probably assembled during the mid 19th century.

Cream coloured with some marks - this piece has not been laundered recently.

Measures approx. 84cm (33") along inside neck edge with a maximum lace depth of 21.5cm (8 1/2").

Price - £95.00

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Flemish Lace Collar   #Flem07