An exquisite and large tamboured and needlerun net shawl. It has three alternating rows of a floral sprays at each end with a scalloped border with rose and sprig motif and dotted all over are point d'esprit of seven tamboured spots.  It has a needlerun outline and the remaining work is tamboured, which is unusual; Nottingham and Limerick pieces were generally worked the other way around as the tambour work was stronger and made a better outline.  True Coggeshall work is completely tamboured so I am not sure which this is! It has a very English feel about it so I suspect that this is Essex / Coggeshall work as the tambouring is so expertly done.   The net is Heathcoat's two twist bobbinet - a machine made net.

Condition is very good; there are several small holes and some age marks.

Colour - antique white.

Dates from the 1820's.

Measures approx. 274cm  x 56cm (107" x 22") at its widest points.


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Tamboured & Needlerun Lace Shawl    #Cog03