Rare Carrickmacross muslin appliqué wedding veil from the Castle Howard Costume Collection. This is a good example with some sophisticated floral motifs embellished with needlerun fillings. It has a deep floral border, and is sprigged with florets all over.

Condition is good for Carrickmacross, which is notorious for the muslin motifs to detach from their retaining stitches. Here the muslin is pretty well intact but there are a number of holes/repairs in the net, in particular, there is a large repair which measures approx 45cm long. The veil has also been dyed with tea or coffee, presumably in the Victorian period when this treatment was fashionable. There are also a number of marks on the piece. I have not laundered the veil, to preserve its original condition.

Dates from mid-late 19th century.

Cream tea/coffee coloured.

Measures approx. 190cm x 188cm (75" x 74"). It is fairly square, so this veil can be worn on the diagonal or on the square as illustrated.

Price - £525.00

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Carrickmacross Lace Veil    #Car05