Exquisite and very rare Brussels bobbin lace coif or cap made using the part-lace technique.  It has a varied composition of huge exotic flowers and foliage within a droschel ground with some small areas of openwork and picoted brides.  Since the design is not symmetrical, I suspect that the coif was made up from different pieces, but at an early date, and it is difficult to tell where all the joins are! The dense design is taken from the Bizarre eastern style of the French silk mills.  This is of the finest quality, involving a great many raised ribs and some gorgeous snowflake fillings, using such fine threads that cannot be obtained today.

Condition is very good with several small breaks; the largest measuring 6mm (1/4") long.  The back edge has been strengthened with a thin band of plain linen inside, which also holds the coif in shape.  



Ivory coloured with some age marks.

I have photographed it next to a baby bonnet to compare the size (the coif is larger, a slightly different shape and there are no signs of ties to fasten, so it is not like a 'normal' bonnet.

Measures approx. 31cm (12 1/4") around the back neck edge and 44.5cm (17 1/2") along the other edge which goes from side to side over the head.

Price - £650.00

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Rare Brussels Bobbin Lace Coif / Cap   #Br24