A hand tamboured net Flemish 'Sunday" bonnet with long ear pieces hanging forward over the cheek-bones and a frill shadowing the forehead trimmed with machine made lace copying Lille.  It has a channel along the neckline allowing the net to be tightened by tapes.  This style of bonnet is supposed to have derived from the Lierre district (now part of Belgium and near to the Dutch border).

Condition is good; there are a few small breaks in the net and five small darns to the net and open-weave fabric brim. Starch has been used to stiffen the brim.

19th century.

Ivory in colour with some age marks - this piece has been part of a private collection for many years and has not been cleaned recently. 

Measures approx. 60cm (23 1/2") along the lace edged brim and the gathered section at the back of the neck measures approx. 25cm (10") ungathered and excluding the brim.

Price - £75.00

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Flemish Tamboured Lace Bonnet    #Bonnet07