Completely hand stitched Ayrshire whitework Christening gown. It has some exquisite embroidery on the bodice, cap sleeves, skirt and robings.  The sleeves have two frills and the neckline is scalloped.  A very fine cord has been used to gather the neckline with a much sturdier cloth tape to gather at the waist.  Traditionally, the tip of the triangular bodice would be tucked in for a baby girl or left out for a boy. 

Condition is extremely good - the only damage that I can find are a some thread holes which are on one of the sleeves, which would probably disappear if the gown was hand washed and a couple of tiny pulls/holes underneath the back left-hand frill, where the back bodice joins the sleeve.  Fortunately, this minor damage is hidden by the frill.  I cannot find any repairs or darns - VERY unusual! 

Antique white in colour.


Measures approx. 116cm (45 3/4") from shoulder to hem, with a skirt length of 96cm (38") and hem circumference of 218cm (86").  The waist measures max 54 cm (21 1/4"), but this can be adjusted by gathering the drawstring.  The little cap sleeves measure 13cm (5") around at the edge.


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Ayrshire Whitework Christening Gown    #Ayr30